Corporate Values


LAE company is including GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY in its mission and many actions have been already taken by the company in order to pursue its mission as follows:

Renewable sources as electrical energy
LAE has installed on its company roof 160 KW of photovoltaic cells in order to generate all the energy it needs, returning to the net the energy not utilized.

Pannelli solari

Energy saving machines
LAE new designed machines include drivers and electronic systems which support energy saving solutions which recuperate energy on motors deceleration to be used on-line with similar principle as trains or tram systems or the newest hybrid cars. This solution allows LAE customers to benefit from energy saving machine solutions. The new core cutting line TO 25 and TE 45 include this solution.

risparmio energetico

Litter recycling
The whole company operate for the differentiation and recycling of litter such as paper, plastic, glass and metals, contributing to the reduction of litter and recycling of raw materials


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Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003

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Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003