LAE & TRFOGRID Technical Seminars in South-East Asia 2019

LAE & TRFOGRID Technical Seminars in South-East Asia 2019

4 April 2019

LAE and TRAFOGRID technical seminars have taken place in Yangon on March 18th and in Hanoi on March 21st, 2019, hosting some of the most influential players of the transformer market worldwide.

On 18th and 21st March 2019 the LAE and TRAFOGRID Seminars were held in Yangon and Hanoi. Two days of technical seminars but also open discussion between transformer manufacturers and Trafogrid partners. The Trafogrid alliance continues to bear fruit thanks to the cooperation of leading companies for every stage of the process, from to the raw materials up to the finished product, all coordinated by LAE, which has been involved in design and construction every day for 40 years of machines for the production of electrical transformers, with plants installed all over the world. LAE's mission to lead the processors' production process is confirmed every day and the technical seminars are one of the innovations that the Italian company from the international vision is carrying out, enhancing the contribution that market-leading partner companies such as Thyssenkrupp, Ekofluid, Bollina and Faspar, Metech, Heafely and Leas can lead to process improvement.

The seminar had various in-depth analyzes, was structured in a clear and concise manner, based on the various types of process.

Trafogrid partners of each phase of core process spoke during the conference, in particular Thyssenkrup, the leading German steel production group, Bollina and Faspar(slitting lines for coils) and LAE (cutting and stacking, moreover a pioneer with its innovative robotic assembling stacker) have made their important contribution.

Following this, there was a focus on the tank process, with the important speech by LAE (fin folding line) and Leas (Welding) on the innovation on the tanks, with some important mention of the tank robotic welding.

After, the audience was able to attend a deepening of the winding process with the contribution of LAE for the machinery part, Ekofluid for oil treatment and Metech (impregnating plants for dry type transformers) for the impregnation part.

Last but not least, the conference focused on the testing process thanks to the important contribution of Haefely and in conclusion of the work the general director of LAE, Ales Bertuzzi, highlighted the trends and future implications that industry 4.0 will have in the transformer sector.

All moderated by the Comemde staff, a reference point for materials (distributed as Faxolif) in Southeast Asia.

The seminar's success was determined not only by the technical information that was disseminated during the conference, but also by all the synergies that were created during the B2B meetings that the event hosted.

LAE and all Trafogrid partners will continue in this direction to continue to deepen the technical issues of all stages of the process, developing an innovative and more effective way to create relationships and give concrete answers to the needs of transformer manufacturers in all countries. 

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