Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive Visit: on request, we can organize a preventive check up on one or more machines to schedule possible necessary maintenance services and to give advice about immediately needed spare parts and spare parts that will be required in the short time. The customer who decides to buy spare parts in advance will have access to special discounts and will secure prompt intervention from our technicians’ side, as the spare parts will be immediately available at the customer’s plant.

  • Following the preventive visit, the customer may decide how to plan future maintenance interventions on the machines, scheduling single maintenance interventions or signing a scheduled maintenance contract.

SINGLE ASSISTANCE INTERVENTIONS main advantages are the possibility to schedule well in advance our technicians’ visit to the customer’s plant, thus saving money on travel expenses and the access to special discounted rates.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS allow to schedule more interventions on the customer’s machines. The main advantages of this formula are:

  • Additional discounts on assistance services rates

  • Additional discounts on spare parts rates

  • Free 20h package for remote assistance

  • Priority on reply

  • Free software updates

Please contact us through the following form, your request will be treated with priority.

For further information click here to the document of Preventive Maintenance.