Dati Prodotto

SF4 Four way flattener



The four-way flattener allows to shape aluminum and copper round wires into rectangular cross sections as the wire is being wound. The unit SF 4 can be used either to complete the system on the LAE wire winding machines, or on any existing wire winding machines. The dancer with loop compensation allows the unit to work smoothly while winding on round, oval as well as rectangular shaped coils. The wire to be flattened into the rectangular cross sections can be coated with formvar enamel, polyester enamel or polymer insulation. The system allows to increase the space factor and reduce stock materials allowing a great reduction of costs for HV coils of distribution transformers

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Machine model: SF4

Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003

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Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003