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TO 30 "Veloce" Step-Lap Core Cutting Line 300mm

TO 30


The core cutting line model TO 30 Veloce is designed and built for the production of grain-oriented laminations suitable for the assembly of electric transformer cores with Step Lap system.  Consistently with the transformer design, this machine is particularly suitable for the production of cores for transformer power ratings ranging from 50 to 2500 KVA. 

The cutting line is made up of machines whose co-ordination is managed by control software.

High performance and reliability of the line ensure an high output productivity.

The line automates the functions necessary for the processing of the laminations, namely:

  • Unwinding from the coil;
  • Measurement of the shapes;
  • Conveying and cutting of the sheet;
  • Stacking of the finished products.

In the stacking function, various degrees of accuracy and automation can be reached depending on the selected model of the machine stacker.

The main advantages of this line are:

  • Compact and solid design, small footprint
  • Energy saving
  • Direct decoiler control without loop pit, minimal infrastructural impact
  • New electronic cutting system
  • Silent working 
  • Installation flexibility, also after commissioning, to meet any productivuty or investment requirements;
  • E stacking with step-lap book management
  • 0.18-0.35 mm lamination thickness management
  • Quick commissioning
  • Column height calibration and scrap reduction
  • Management of different cores
  • Flat yoke assembly
  • Lamination FRS - Fast Replacing System (patented by LAE), for fast lamination replacing from one width to the other (improving the filling factor) in a high productive way
  • MES - Manufacturing Execution System

The innovative robotic stacking system allows to cut and assembly in a single production phase, with consequent lower labour costs, scraps reduction, higher productivity and quality improvement. 

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Machine model: TO 30 Veloce

Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003

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Read the information under D.Lgs.196 of June 30, 2003